What’s Covered

Workers’ Compensation covers the cost associated with an employee who is injured or becomes ill on the job. This includes medical expenses, treatment, and or death benefits. More importantly, it also protects business owners from lawsuits for injuries or lost wages that may occur without it.


Take Care of Your Employees
As a business owner, you’re responsible for accidents that happen on company property or company time. Depending on the state requirements, you are responsible for workers’ compensation for your employees.

General Liability Insurance (GLI)

Protect your company’s finances from costs for property damage and alleged injury on your property. Opening a business comes with its own set of responsibilities to customers and employees. As a business owner you may be responsible for an bodily accident that occurs on your property – not to mention the legal fees needed to defend in court.

Property Damage
Your business property may also experience unexpected damages from natural hazards and/or theft. Don’t get set back by one unanticipated incident.

Business Owner Policy (BOP)

Get general liability included in a Business Owner Policy (BOP) which includes a general liability policy to cover liability claims and property coverage that covers the structure owned by the business and the contents inside. If a covered incident occurs, a BOP will fill in the caps to ensure your financial responsibilities are upheld, even when the unexpected happens.